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Morganton, North Carolina
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Radio181 - Old Time Radio
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We Play Shows And Music From:
   "The Golden Age of Radio".
I am in the process of uploading our radio shows to youtube so that when the station is not on the air you will have a another place to listen to Gunsmoke and Dragnet as well as watch classic TV shows. If you have any Questions email me. The Radio station will be down a few hours during the daytime in order to have enough bandwidth to upload to youtube. To find us do a search in the youtube search box for radio181 Old Time Radio. Be sure to like the shows and subscribe to my channel. Thanks Mel
Breaking News. Everyone please read
Breaking News: Thank You to the following listeners for their generous donations. - Aaron Butler , Thomas Whedbee , David Michael, Maury Freedman. David Fujii, Mark Arnold, Richard Watson and Zackary Cataldo