This is what we received in email this morning.

Please Download and read the complaint in th PDF file.

Shoutcast: Cease and desist - False audience


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10:46 AM (2 hours ago)

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Dear User,

As a user of the Shoutcast software, you are bound by the terms and conditions of the Shoutcast Agreement as well as the Targetspot Sales House Agreement (the Monetization program).

Our quality control team has detected an anomaly in the audience of your radio station(s). It appears that your use of our software Shoutcast generates false audience on our platform, which constitutes an infringement in the use of our Shoutcast software and Targetspot Monetization Program.

We hereby thus request you to solve the anomaly in the audience of your radio station in the next 72 hours, failing which we will have to terminate the Monetization Program immediately and the payment of any revenue share will be definitively suspended.

Pursuant to article 5 of the Targetspot Sales House Agreement, Targetspot reserves the right to terminate immediately the Monetization Program without any compensation for the Publisher and without prejudice of any judicial proceedings to be introduced or any damages.

We look forward to receiving your response within the set time limit.

You will find the "cease and desist letter" in attachment.

Sincerly yours,




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My Reply

I don't agree. First off I don't know what you are talking about. I didn't even know I was in any kind of  Monetization Program. If I am,  delete me from it.  

I have never received  one cent from  any  such program if you are paying someone else that's your fault. I am a retired senior doing this for fun. I just deleted my station from shoutcast and want nothing more to do with you. I have people who show up on the server with many Ips on the same login and have asked why they do this and no one can tell me. Now I guess I know. I will try some other way to run my little station.